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By | 2004-10-06

patterns & practices: Enterprise Library

Enterprise Library is a major new release of the patterns & practices Application Blocks, which are reusable software components designed to assist developers with common enterprise development challenges. Enterprise Library 1.0 will include blocks for Data Access, Exception Handling, Caching, Configuration, Logging & Instrumentation, Security and Cryptography, in a single integrated download.

Microsoft Solutions Framework Version 4.0, Beta

Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) offers guidance in how to organize people and projects to plan, build, and deploy technology solutions successfully and effectively. The contents of the site represent pre-release versions of MSF v4.0.

patterns & practices: Enterprise Development Reference Architecture

The Enterprise Development Reference Architecture (EDRA) – previously code named “Shadowfax” – provides architectural guidance that an organization can use to standardize the development of distributed systems. The EDRA includes an extensible application framework, four QuickStarts, an application template, and supporting documentation.

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