Sources for the nDoc SQL Database Describer

By | 2005-12-28

The first “release” of the Database Describer turned out to be a bit sloppy. So here is version 1.1 (91,65 KB) (10,43 KB)

The sources are the main classes only. You need to make your own project and include these class files. It uses the Enterprise Library version 1.1 by Microsoft.

The Database Describer will write out a cs source file, a compiled Assembly and a doc xml with all the comments based on the schema of your Sql Server database. Your sql database remarks ( MS_Description ) will be part of the output.

Since there is an assembly, you can even include links to the tables, views and sprocs from your own code comments, simply by referencing the assembly from your project and including a seealso in your summary.

/// <seealso cref = “Databases.Sql.ControleServices.Tables.Findings” >Findings</seealso>
/// </summary>

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