If your MOSS Search isn’t working

By | 2009-07-09

And are you using Windows 2008 take a look at this:


and the hotfix that goes with it:


From [http://ppalakollu.blogspot.com/2008/05/moss-search-error.html]:

Scenario: Multiple web front ends with MOSS search service(both query and index) running on one of them.Everything is fine on the web server which also host the moss search service. Specifically, search queries work fine without any errors.

Issue: The other WFE’s(not hosting the search service) throw errors when trying to sort the search results. I repeat, the WFE’s throw errors only when trying to sort the results. Otherwise they work fine. I can still do search on these servers, but when trying to sort the search bombs out.

The error message thrown is:

The specified network name is no longer available. (Exception from HResult: 080070040

The event view shows the following message (or something simillar):

The last query machine was taken out of rotation. Propagation may be neccessary. The query machine will be retried in 15 seconds again

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