SharePoint 2010 Installation

By | 2010-02-06

There seems to be one small issue with the installtion for MOSS 2007 and SP2010.

On a Domain Controller, the installation defaults to a single server installation.

So how to install so you can create an actual farm?

First run and install any Prerequisits.

Then quit the splash installer, and run the sharepoint installer file with the /extract:c:sharepointinstall option to extract all the installation files. If you have a CD of the image, skip this step.

Open up a command prompt or powershell

cd Downloads
14.0.4730.1010_OfficeServer_none_ship_x64_en-us.exe /extract:c:sharepointinstall

Next run the installer with the option to install as an Farm Server ( with SQL Support )

cd sharepointinstall
setup.exe /config .FilesSetupFarmconfig.xml

Now when you run the config wizard after the install, you can select a sql server and start a new farm or join an existing one.

UPDATE 8-feb-2010: seems to be default behaviour for SharePoint on a Domain Controller installation.

UPDATE 9-feb-2010: Removed references to a specific version because of NDA.

4 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 Installation

  1. Gerard

    Cannot reproduce this issue at all, setting up a farm works just fine for me by just running the downloaded file. I’m also pretty sure your post violates NDA since this is not a public build.

  2. Deavon M. McCaffery

    I can reproduce this issue, and it took me quite a while to resolve since the dialog requesting the server type appeared in many other iterative installations using the exact same executable.

    I can only assume this is as a result of the fact that it is very bad practice to install SharePoint on a domain controller as you cannot give administrative privileges to the installation account (and subsequently the farm account) to the individual system, but must do so for the entire domain. More than likely, Microsoft operates under the assumption that installing SharePoint on a domain controller would only be done in a single-server lab environment. A good assumption, but it would have been nice if the dialog was still shown with the farm option grayed out and an explanation as to why.

    Just my two cents.



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