SP2010 and LinkedIn working together

By | 2010-03-22

Based on an oauth example over at http://developer.linkedin.com I created a webpart for the MySite Host homepage and activity page. Here a SP2010 user can authorize SP2010 to use the LinkedIn Api on his or hers behalf.

In the background I store the oauth tokens in a secured SharePoint list.

The webpart will then connect to LinkedIn and get your relevant network updates:

Now I was on a roll, and I also created a Shared Connections webpart that will compare the network connections of the logged in user and the profile the logged in user is viewing:

But there is also a LinkedIn Search Api. And we created a Federated Search service too! Now the people search also searches within your own LinkedIn network (see the right pane containing linkedin results):

How cool is that !


4 thoughts on “SP2010 and LinkedIn working together

  1. Nicolas Georgeault

    Wow! Great stuff!!
    I will test it and buzz on my blo about that feature. Thanks a lot. I will follow you on twitter 😉
    Thanks a lot.


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