Set default Mysite not working with Office 2010 RTM x64

By | 2010-05-21

So, you have installed SharePoint 2010 on your server, you have setup Office 2010 on you client ( x64 ) and now you want your SP2010 Memberships to show up in your Office Client Applications.

You navigate to your new SP2010 MySite and want to set it as your default MySite for your office 2010 applications.

But the popup does not come up?

That is because SP2010 ( Office 14 ! ) want’s to activate the ActiveX control “PortalConnect12.PersonalSite”. That is the OFfice 2007 ActiveX control! No wonder it doesn’t work!

The ActiveX control “PortalConnect12.PersonalSite” ( {E7339A62-0E31-4A5E-BA3D-F2FEDFBF8BE5} )  is present on your system but it registerd itself as the “PortalConnect14.PersonalSite” ActiveX control.

If you run this Registry fix it will start to work again!

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="PersonalSite Class"
@="C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesMicrosoft SharedPortalPortalConnectCore.dll"





@="PersonalSite Class"



@="PersonalSite Class"


And now when you open your SP2010 MySite:

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