Usefull tools for Claims Based authentication and SharePoint 2010

By | 2010-07-14

If you want to create a your own Security Token Service that is compatible with SharePoint 2010 have a look here and download the Windows Identity Foundation (formaly known as Geneva)  SDK:

This will install 4 VS 2010 Project Templates on which you can base your Custom STS, I used the first one :

Part of a STS is the WS-Federation Metadata document ( . you can create one for your STS with this tool:

When you want to trust a STS Token Service within your SP2010 Farm you can use this tool:

One thought on “Usefull tools for Claims Based authentication and SharePoint 2010

  1. loogares

    Hi Stef, this is such a usefull post, with in fact many exciting tools, i am downloading all of them since i am inmersed in sharepoint claims based authentication.

    I’ve been able to download all of them except fot the last one, i’ve been entering the site and look up for the app but i’m just unable to find it out, i just cannot find the link, could you please provide a valid url to download the app?

    Thanks you veru much in advance.



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