SPModule, install SharePoint 2010 through PowerShell

By | 2010-08-17

Dan Winter & Zach Rosenfield inform us that they have released SPModule:

“SPModule is an example of how we would envision you accomplish various common tasks within Windows PowerShell in a SharePoint 2010 environment.  We hope to position various best practices from these scripts and we hope in the long term to reference these also within technet.  These blog posts serve simply as our first location of sharing them, and this post will be updated once we have the samples hosted within technet.  The scripts themselves are not officially supported.”

The post

The download

Example: “Install SharePoint Bits (including Prereqs)”

Install-SharePoint -SetupExePath “servernameSharePoint2010setup.exe” -PIDKey "PKXTJ-DCM9D-6MM3V-G86P8-MJ8CY"
New-SharePointFarm –DatabaseAccessAccount Get-Credential DOMAINusername –DatabaseServer "SQL01" –FarmName "TestFarm"

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