The Publishing Cache of SP2010 WebApplications

By | 2010-10-11

In a recent post I talked about the publishing cache. It turns out this also applies for Classic Authentication WebApplications.

(from the original post:)
Have a look into your Developer Dashboard to see what is going on:

The warning and critical error are:

  • 7362 – Warning Publishing Cache
  • 7363 – Critical Publishing Cache

I have created a script to set the cacheSuperAccount and cacheReaderAccount on each webapplication in the farm. Be sure to create two seperate domain user accounts first. Then use this script from within you SP2010 PowerShell Prompt. It works on both Classic and Claims Based Authentication WebApps.

The updated PowerShell Script:

2 thoughts on “The Publishing Cache of SP2010 WebApplications

  1. John Champion

    Great script – thanks!

    Question: Should the Local Service account be removed as well? After running the script the accounts are added but Local Service remains with Full Read.

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