FTC to CAM: Content Types, Site Columns and declaritive XML

By | 2013-11-06

edit-sp-wspSo, remember a while back, when SP2013 was first released and there was this TechNet Article stating something on Sandboxed Solutions being deprecated?

Well that was changed soon after off course. But still Vesa “vesku” Juvonen has been posting some great articles on moving from FTC (Full Trust Code Solutions) to the new CAM (Cloud App Model):

And today’s article is really important:

In short, and I am going to try to get my projects on this approach too:

“So if you have created the content types and site columns without element xml files using simply code from feature receivers, you can retract the solution package from the farm without impacting the site collections. Obviously there could be some other dependencies like ghosted module files, but those can be fixed on fly. Challenge with the content types and site columns is that you can’t remove the dependency after they’ve been created using element xml files.

So if you still create full trust solutions, please ensure that you don’t create content types and site columns using element xml files. Just don’t – it will bite you!.”

And I think the direction we are going here is clear for SharePoint vNext…

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