New TechNet Site: Governance in SharePoint 2013

By | 2013-11-26

Information-Management-and-governance-in-SharePoint-2013-FoundationMicrosoft has recently, 18th of November of 2013, launched a new section over at TechNet titled “Governance planning in SharePoint 2013.” And it is great to see that Microsoft is releasing this type of content for all of us to use.

“Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that control how an organization s business divisions and IT teams work together to achieve its goals.”

This entire section has information for you on governance online:

What is governance in SharePoint 2013? Learn about governance as an essential part of a successful SharePoint deployment and the various components of an organization’s governance plan.
IT governance in SharePoint 2013 Learn about key factors in governing a SharePoint service and what to include in a service-level agreement.
Information management and governance in SharePoint 2013 Learn how to plan effective information architecture to ensure that your solution meets your business needs.
Application management and governance in SharePoint 2013 Learn how to govern applications for SharePoint 2013. This includes how to create a customization policy. It also includes information about the app model, branding, and life-cycle management.

And a downloadable poster:

What is governance? poster. Download:

A poster you can download in PDF or Visio format. It shows the major governance areas (IT governance, information management, and application management) and summarizes the key information you need to understand about each area


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