Even small updates count!

By | 2014-07-24

Not sure how many people actually use the JS SDK for yammer, or the embed JS SDK for that matter, but there was a pretty big small release announced on StackExchange couple of days ago.

Here is the thing, you can use the yammer embed to allow for conversations to be had on yammer on an OpenGraph object. An OpenGraph object is nothing more then a “url” with some limited metadata. You could use this to comment on Corporate News via Yammer for instance.

The thing is, or was, you could NOT set a Yammer Group as a target for these conversations. This would all be posted in the All Company feed over at yammer. Until now. See the “announcement” here at stackexchange

“use “defaultGroupId” inside your config to get your group selected”

This is an example:

Here is an implemented sample for my customer:

image002 copy

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