Tags and Notes, and it’s gone!

By | 2014-09-12

So after yesterday’s announcement through the Office 365 Message Center on the retirement of the Outlook and SharePoint Tasks sync today we learn that SharePoint Online has lost another feature: the Tags and Notes (thanks Jasper).

This time I think we have a better alternative in place already, which has been around for some time already, the newsfeed. And with Yammer one could argue there is an even beter alternative available, but it is not as integrated as the newsfeed yet.

Microsoft recommends both actually:

For me Tags and Notes was tightly linked to the social aspect of collaboration, and this experience will get a major boost when Office 365 rolls-out the “Groups for Office 365” experience.

You can see the roadmap here:

Groups is a cross-suite experience unifying People, Conversations, Calendars, and Files across O365, enabling seamless collaboration across applications. Creating a Group anywhere in Office 365 will automatically provision a Yammer conversation feed, inbox, calendar and document library where members can collaborate and work as a team. Just like in Yammer, Groups are open by default but can be made private if necessary, enhancing discoverability and sharing

And see a glimps of the groups experience here, these screenshots were actually called “ES_Yammer_05_resized” and “ES_Outlook_06_resized” 😉


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