Office 365 and Azure Logic Apps

By | 2015-06-14

The last couple of days I have been reading up on Azure Logic Apps. And I am amazed. This, to me. is a game changer for anything Workflow and Business Application Integration (or EAI) related. First off, this Azure Logic Apps thing has been released in preview for some time now (a couple of months) but having missed this subject at Ignite2015 it only just hit me.

Azure Logic Apps allows for the creation of Workflows with Actions, Triggers, Connectors and even some Premium BizTalk Related Connectors.

azure-connectorsSome of the Connectors are:

Using a Connector as a Trigger for instance allows you to start a Workflow based on an Event:

“Triggers – Some connectors can also act as a trigger. A trigger starts a new instance of a workflow based on a specific event, like the arrival of an e-mail or a change in your Azure Storage account.”

When you use a Connector in your Workflow you can do an Action through the Connector on the underlying App (or Api):

“Actions – Each step after the trigger in a workflow is called an action. Each action typically maps to an operation on your connector or custom API apps.”

Here is a screenshot of a Post Important Email from a Office 365 Mailbox to Yammer Logic App in Design mode:

Azure Logic Apps Designer

You can add Conditions to an Action to have more Control over which Action to run when. Currently you can already use the SharePoint Connector to connect to a Document Library and use the Office 365 (mail) Connector to poll for incoming Email (Email Enabled Lists).

To me a #Winning Logic App would be something like this:

Event: CRM /SQL [new Customer added]


  • Create SharePoint Group/Site
  • Share with Customer Contact
  • Post to Yammer when completed

I am very curious if this is the future for Workflows for Office 365 too. Just by adding some capable Connectors might be enough. Or will the Office PG come up with their own Workflow tooling? We will have to wait and see for now.

So if you want to learn more on the Azure Logic Apps:

The current list of available Connectors:

Turns out there were Sessions on this subject last month: @Build2015, @Ignite2015, Channel9

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