SP2016: The New Compliance Policy Center

By | 2015-08-25

With SharePoint 2013 we had the Information Management Policies to allow for complex Retention policies for Content Types. And when using these with a ContentType hub .



With users having OneDrive for Business Storage readily available makes that Companies should have Enterprise Level Control on Retention.

Hence the new Compliance Policy Center in SharePoint 2016. Although this feature is available in the On Prem version of SharePoint, I believe this is already available for to Office 365 too.

Office 365 has recieved some updates these last few months:

And the way these new Features are built, having policies on Content Types will not be enough.

For now for I would like to show how you can control some Policies for Rentention with the new 2016 SharePoint Server. In the new Compliance Center for SharePoint Server 2016, you can manage and apply Deletion Policies on Site Templates and Site Collections.

This Compliance Policy Center is a new Site Template you can use to create a Site Collection: “POLICYCTR#0”

New-SPSite -url ($portalUrl + "/sites/CompliancePolicyCenter") -OwnerAlias $owner -Language 1033 -Name "Compliance Policy Center" -Template "POLICYCTR#0" -CompatibilityLevel 15

The site will look like this:

As you can see, we can Manage Deletion Policies, and assign these to Templates and Site Collections. This allows us to apply Deletion Policies to Site Templates, even OneDrives.

A Deletion Policy holds one or more Rules. And a Rule defines the Retention duration and an Action. These are, for now, a little more simpler than we can configure with the Content Type based Information Management Policies:

Once you have created a Policy you can apply this to existing Site Collections or on Site Templates (OneDrive and others).


In the backgroupd, there are also some Timer Jobs running, for each of your WebApplications:

  • Unified Policy OnPrem Sync Job
  • Unified Policy Sync Status Update Job

These will actually enforce and apply the Deletion Policies to the Site Templates and Site Collections and make sure your Documents get deleted.

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