How to version new SharePoint Framework projects (addition)

By | 2016-11-22

Today I came across the excellent blogpost of Stefan Bauer on how to version your new SharePoint Framework projects. And I just wanted to add a small piece to his idea.

Each WebPart in your SharePoint Framework project has a separate Manifest file with a version number in there too. This version number is also in the format of the semantic version number format. And you can keep this semver in sync with your solution semver.

Add the following gulp task code to the gulp task Stefan already laid out in his blogpost:

Now when you use “npm version patch” to update the semver of your solution your webpart manifests will be updated too:

The complete gulpfile.js would become:


2 thoughts on “How to version new SharePoint Framework projects (addition)

  1. Sumit Gupta

    When Stefan wrote this post, I wanted to comment on his blog as to how you can add a bit more code snippet and improve the whole thing and I am glad you did 🙂
    Thanks a ton for the post, keep’em coming!

  2. Yonas Jongkind


    In the recent template from yo, the webpart template has this text in it:

    // The “*” signifies that the version should be taken from the package.json
    “version”: “*”,

    And seems to grab the version from the package. So the updating in the web part versions is no longer necessary.


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