First week as Team Lead Tech @ Coolblue

By | 2017-10-07

As you may or may not know, I started this week, 2nd of October, as the Team Lead Tech for the Shipping and Delivery Development Team. At Coolblue. And it has been one heck of a week. Let me share what happened during this first week:

  • Monday the team brought live a new option (carrier) for our customers to do same day delivery
  • The entire week we already ‘celebrated’¬†Christmas at Coolblue, so the company can focus on our customers during the busy season later this year.
  • We had our first demo. For the entire domain (about 40 peeps in the room), Including our “Domain boss” and off course Pieter was there too.
  • We are looking to expand the Shipping and Delivery team, so my team will grow in the coming weeks.
  • We have started to design our new Shipping and Delivery Architecture, which will enable us to…. pssst secret stuff….
  • We held our Domain Christmas Lunch, with a lot of self baked cake, pie, pigs in a blanket and other wonderful food.
  • As a team, we held our first drunken retrospective, in Breakaway.
  • We had drinks at Annebel for our first friday of the month event VVV (all of Coolblue!)
  • We ended the week with squashing nasty production issue/bug in our warehouse software.
  • And I did my first PR (in github) in a professional fashion. ( yup, that happened.. )

All in all a lot to take in, but had a blast and am looking forward to many more weeks. Now I am going to enjoy my weekend.

2 thoughts on “First week as Team Lead Tech @ Coolblue

  1. Kathi MeKathi Me

    Leuk. Blijf lekker schrijven. Ben benieuwd of het bij Coolblue echt zo gaat als dat zij zichzelf altijd verkopen.


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