First full sprint; Hackathon and Development

By | 2017-10-23

Found some the time to write about my second and third week here @coolblue. This marks the first full sprint I was part of.

The first week of the sprint, almost all of our developers, including my team, attended the coolblue #hackathon: 48 hours of hardcore programming and innovation and fun of course. I dropped by to see what the teams where doing on wednesday. The first night already took it’s toll as most of my coworkers needed the coffee to wake up. Still on friday all teams revealed their creations at a fair in the canteen.

That also meant I was working on the sprint mostly with our Pathfinder together. So got to work on our solution and dive into all of our tooling: Teamcity, Octopus, AWS, Jira, Github, Cake and VS2017. And implement a service, api, queues and “ports and adapters“. Was quite the journey, since I have not developed for some time :). Turns out it is like riding a bike. Somewhat.

We also had a great retrospective again, with beer again. Really helps!

Also, my previous outburst on my new job, is going to make it to our devblog site, someday. See you next time! We already started our new sprint today!

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