Privacy Policy for Apps by Stef van Hooijdonk

Personal information
This application does not collect or transmit any user’s personally identifiable information. No personal information is used, stored, secured or disclosed by services this application works with.
Technical information
Limited technical information is sent (such as IP addresses included in the HTTP calls the application makes) but none of that is used or stored.
Statistical information
A small set of non-identifiable information is sent to one or more of the organisations below for statistical information about app usage, device type and capabilities. Statistical service providers:

Third parties
The app makes use of third party services, some of the weblog sites hosted on Microsoft TechNet and Microsoft MSDN, their usage of information is excluded from this privacy policy. We will ensure the very minimal set of data is sent to those third parties.
Report violations or get more information
If you would like to report any violations of this policy or get more information on any app, please contact us using the contact form.

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