TechNet Blogs Reader

About the application
This application shows some of the weblogs by the Microsoft Product Teams on various devices, services and products.

  • Uses different types of notificataions to alert you when new posts are made on the weblogs covered by TechNet Blogs Reader.
  • Search for weblogs and posts from within the Windows 8 Search experience.
  • Found a great article? Easily Share it with friends via the Share Charm.
  • Allow TechNet Blogs Reader to run on your lockscreen to see updates at a glace.

A screenshot:

TechNet Blogs Reader Home Screen
Some small information:

  • When you allow for the background task to run, the background task will update the badge logo and the tile.
    • You can use the settings of the application to set the interval of updates.
  • Otherwise, when the application is started an update is done on the weblogs to give you the latest information.

Privacy information
Read the privacy statement here:

Windows Store
TechNet Blogs Reader in the Windows Store.

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