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Sandcastle and Powershell

We have been using Sandcastle and the Sandcastle help file builder tools for our code documentation for quite some time now. One thing kept bugging me, the fact I had to edit the shfbproj file everytime we added or removed a project to the solution. Since we use powershell over at the build server to… Read More »

MOSS 2007 Post SP2 June Cummulative Update

The June CU is available for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services V3.  June CU’s and the KB articles you need to know:  MOSS: 971537 uber package or Server-Package;EN-US;971537  WSS: 971538 uber package or Server-Package;EN-US;971538  This update contains hotfixes after April CU and we still recommend:  Install SP2 for WSS… Read More »

If your MOSS Search isn’t working

And are you using Windows 2008 take a look at this: and the hotfix that goes with it: From []: Scenario: Multiple web front ends with MOSS search service(both query and index) running on one of them.Everything is fine on the web server which also host the moss search service. Specifically, search queries… Read More »

Wrote a stsadm extention

But it was mostly based on the project Gary Lapointe already had made. So I sent it to him to include in his stsadm extentions. More are on the way!

Exporting Audiences

Gary Lapointe does it again. A wonderfull little tool for stsadm: the ability to export the Audiences from the command line. Update: also gl-importaudiences is in his download to import the audiences you just exported.


For those who use Yammer within your company, it is possible to have Yammer in your MOSS 2007 Portal Screenshot: We used the Public Api of our tamtam yammer feed.

Tam Tam releases free webparts for the Sharepoint 2007 Community

Head over to codeplex to download our Webpart Solution: TamTam.SharePoint.Webparts Solution that contains some fun tamtam webparts for SharePoint 2007. – Rss reader ( ajax style, caching and no javascipt warnings ) ( strips imgs !!but leaves styles intact for better reading. No https/htpp mixing errors )– MSN Weather – Smoelenboek based on search/profiles… Read More »

Flickr and SharePoint

Found a Library over at that can communicate with Flickr. I was able to create a WebPart that uses FlickrNet to display Flickr photos of a specific user (by screenname) on a Sharepoint 2007 portal or on a MySite. With LightBox 2.03 the photo’s are displayed over the current page. The overview looks like… Read More »

CodePlex and Tam Tam

Most of the code and binaries we will post on these blogs will be available on our codeplex site: Our SharePoint Solutions Management Our SharePoint Diagnostics Logging add on

SharePoint Solution to enable uploading and upgrading Solutions to your SharePoint Farm through the Central Administration

I wrote this little SharePoint Solution to enable the uploading and upgrading of Solutions through the Central Administration of MOSS 2007. Use the DeploySolution.bat file on your moss server to deploy this solution. After this step you’ll never need to deploy a solution through stsadm! Download the solution here: (9.67 KB) The solution adds… Read More »

A 3D Rss Reader? Found this little piece of freeware on From the site:”UniveRSS is a 3D RSS feed reader for Windows Vista. It leverages the Windows Presentation Foundation and provides a stunning way of visualizing RSS feeds and their content. It introduces a full-screen 3D universe where galaxies represent the folders of your RSS feed directory,… Read More »