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Microsoft Tech Companion App

Microsoft just release a new App: the “Microsoft Tech Companion App” What is it? “The Microsoft Tech Companion app brings you the latest news on products, features, and upcoming events, virtually anywhere. Customize feeds to surface the content that matters most to you. Search for answers from a consolidated database of Microsoft content.” The cool thing… Read More »

MVC, SharePoint Apps and SharePointContextFilter

Visual Studio 2013, in RC now, comes with MVC App Templates for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. The MVC template gives you several different layouts. Empty all the way to some pre-configured application. The best part, with this new MVC Template comes a pair of helper classes: [SharePointContextFilterAttribute] and [SharePointContext]. “These APIs wrap a series of steps… Read More »

Office 365 Developer Training Kit online

Just saw this over at the SharePoint Online Developer Resource Center: Office 365 Developer Training Kit Use this online or downloadable training course to help you get started building cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions for Office 365, including SharePoint Online. Includes 7 modules, with over 10 hours of video and 17 hands-on-labs. Have a look… Read More »

SPC09: Best Developer Sessions

The following five videos represent a selection of most popular SharePoint developer track sessions from the SharePoint Conference 2009. SharePoint 2010 Developer Platform: SharePoint 2010 UI Features: Visual Studio | SharePoint Tools: Business Connectivity Services: REST and LINQ | SharePoint 2010:


A new online community site by Microsoft. This time it is for the us it specialists! It has working groups, a social network and new functionality, like a markteplace, is being designed by the members. You can find my profile here : Brought to you by

YES, the all new .NET Framework 2.0 SDK Beta 1 for x86

YES, the all new .NET Framework 2.0 SDK Beta 1 for x86 the SDK: the Redist: .NET Framework Redistributable Package version 2.0 Beta 1 the .Net Development center

patterns and practices: Enterprise Library

From the site The patterns & practices Enterprise Library is a library of Application Blocks designed to assist developers with common enterprise development challenges. Application Blocks are a type of guidance, provided as source code, that can be used as-is, extended or modified by developers for use on enterprise development projects. Enterprise Library features new… Read More »