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Federated Search – Twitter

Wanted to share this little sample federated search location with you. Twitter has a search site where you can search for tweets: It also has a atom feed for results:{searchTerms} SharePoint supports OpenSearch and with this Atom feed by Twitter we can create a OpenSearch reference as a Federated Search Location in SharePoint.… Read More »

SharePoint 2010 SP1

So we have released the first Service Pack for SharePoint 2010, both Foundation and Server. You can find all of the details listed here <– must read this first !!! Update Foundation first: SharePoint Foundation 2010 Service Pack 1 Service Pack 1 for SharePoint Foundation 2010 Language Pack June 2011 CU for SharePoint Foundation 2010 Then… Read More »

April 2011 CU for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 has been released

Read more here: KB 2512783 – WSS 3.0 KB 2512782 – MOSS 2007 KB 2512804 – SharePoint Foundation 2010 KB 2512800 – SharePoint Server 2010 KB 2512801 – SharePoint Server 2010 with Project ServerAs you see there is a separate Full Server Package for SharePoint Server 2010 with Project Server which simplifies patching of… Read More »

Microsoft SharePoint Online Code Analysis Framework (MSOCAF)

At Microsoft SharePoint Online, as a part of the validation and verification process, a tool is used: MSOCAF. “MSOCAF analysis executes a set of rules against the custom solutions, prior to submission for deployment approval into the pre-production and production environments. The MSOCAF application is built using an extensible framework so that the SharePoint Online… Read More »

SharePoint 2010 February 2011 CU

The SharePoint 2010 Feburary 2011 CU is available. MSF2010: KB2475880: The full server package for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Download link SPS2010: KB2475878: The full server package for SharePoint Server 2010 and contains also the MSF2010 fixes so you need only this one package. Download link Important for all Server Applications listed above: After applying… Read More »

Enterprise Search query giving FaultException when using an ORDER BY

Ran into this on a project when using the “FullTextSqlQuery” object to query against the Enterprise Search Service of SharePoint 2010. Had a query that included an Order By clause on my own Managed property other than the normal RANK.

I kept getting an exception: “System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[System.ServiceModel.ExceptionDetail]” The problem was my Managed Property could not… Read More »

SharePoint 2010 August Cumulative Update

Microsoft just released the SharePoint Foundation Cumulative Update for August 2010. SharePoint Foundation 2010: kb2266423 – Download SharePoint Server 2010: kb2352342 – Download (Updated to point the urls to the correct hotfixes) via:

SharePoint and Web.config modifications

Ever since MOSS 2007 we all know the Web.Config Modifications Manager within the SharePoint API. But today I stumbled upon this PowerShell commandlet: Add-WebConfiguration. This commandlet is from the IIS7(.5) powershell module WebAdministration. The short version is, you can use this in you deploy script to do Web.Config modifications Example for an AppSettings Configuration Key:”

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