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SharePoint WebParts for the WK2006

As a gift to all soccer fans worldwide who work with SharePoint Portal Server, we proudly present the Tam Tam WK 2006 SharePoint Toto WebParts. Manage your company’s own WK2006 Toto right on your own corporate intranet! Surf over to to get your’s today ! it is available in dutch andenglish.

Putting it all together

Have been working on a project for one of our customers and pulled out some of the older magic. Older magic because everyone is already talking about VS2005 and such. Cool too, but back to my latest project. I finally got a chance to work with some of today’s cooler technologies: – Enterprise Library (june… Read More »

Design hurdles in a large enterprise

Always a good insight and good to read: David Chappel. Found this somewhat old entry in his blog on why the move to the Service Oriented world isn’t as clean cut as one would believe. “Most often, ROI-based arguments for SOA are DOA, at least when they’re made to business people.”

Yes finally !

The BizTalk Adapter for Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 2.0 integrates secure Web services with BizTalk Server 2004. The Adapter for WSE is implemented using the WSE 2.0 framework for Microsoft .NET, and supports WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-SecureConversation, WS-SecurityPolicy, and WS-Policy. The Adapter for WSE can be used for securely calling Web services and publishing BizTalk orchestrations… Read More »

Opinari by David Chapell

David puts the hammer on the nail in his latest opinari: Stalking the Wily Business Analyst As we move further into a service-oriented future, the potential role of business analysts (BAs) gets bigger and bigger. Although their exact titles vary, a significant number of organizations have people in this role today. Whatever they’re called, BAs… Read More »

patterns and practices: Enterprise Library

From the site The patterns & practices Enterprise Library is a library of Application Blocks designed to assist developers with common enterprise development challenges. Application Blocks are a type of guidance, provided as source code, that can be used as-is, extended or modified by developers for use on enterprise development projects. Enterprise Library features new… Read More »

Will this do wonders?

Overview BizTalk Server 2004 Service Pack 1 addresses a variety of customer scenarios and contains a collection of hotfixes, security fixes and fixes for performance and stress. Microsoft recommends that all BizTalk Server 2004 customers deploy SP1 across all editions of BizTalk Server to ensure their implementations are up to date. IMPORTANT: BizTalk Server 2004… Read More »

Always a good read: Clemens Vasters’ blog

From the master himself (Clemens V): Dealing with Deadlocks and Other Unfortunate Events on the Application Level: Part 1 Dealing with Deadlocks and Other Unfortunate Events on the Application Level: Part 2 Dealing with Deadlocks and Other Unfortunate Events on the Application Level: Part 3