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Sources for the nDoc SQL Database Describer

The first “release” of the Database Describer turned out to be a bit sloppy. So here is version 1.1 (91,65 KB) (10,43 KB) The sources are the main classes only. You need to make your own project and include these class files. It uses the Enterprise Library version 1.1 by Microsoft. The Database… Read More »

Documenting your SQL Database with NDoc?

I just love the documentation that NDoc generates ( although I wrote the documentation myself, it just looks better ). But I was missing the SQL Databases and stored procedures that came with my solution. So I wrote this litte tool that generates a NDoc compatible XML and Assembly of your database! Adjust the dataconfiguration.config… Read More »

While you were waiting

While everyone is waiting for Yukon (SQL Server 2005), Microsoft released a Service Pack for SQL Server 2000. Related Resources:SQL Server 2000 SP4 Fixlist SQL Server 2000 SP4 Analysis Services Fixlist SQL Server 2000 SP4 Readme Addendum Download at Source:

Reporting and CRM Server

>> Microsoft has introduced SQL Server Report Packs that will provide enhanced business intelligence functionality for Microsoft CRM and Exchange Server. The CRM Report Pack gives a preview into capabilities that will be included in the next generation of the CRM product.