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Announcing the SharePoint Diagnostic Studio

Bill Baer posted an announcement over at the the sharepoint blog: “In the new version of the SharePoint Administration Toolkit we’ve introduced a new and revised SharePoint Diagnostics Studio that represents a complete departure from previous diagnostics toolkits. The next generation SharePoint Diagnostics Tool, the SharePoint Diagnostics Studio, presents server diagnostic information in a visual and… Read More »

Doing Unit Testing with TFS2010 and SP2010

SharePoint 2010 has a wonderfull new developers experience with Visual Studio 2010 and great integration with Team Foundation Server 2010. We configured our TFS Build server to build our SP2010 solutions fairly easy. Just make sure the SP2010 dll’s you reference in your SP2010 projects are available on the TFS Build Server (in the GAC… Read More »

Sources for the nDoc SQL Database Describer

The first “release” of the Database Describer turned out to be a bit sloppy. So here is version 1.1 (91,65 KB) (10,43 KB) The sources are the main classes only. You need to make your own project and include these class files. It uses the Enterprise Library version 1.1 by Microsoft. The Database… Read More »

BuildLab with CruiseControl

Here we have another cool build tool: CruiseControl.Net But as an Information Worker Solution Provider… it had to be integrated into SharePoint ! A download will be made available in the near future

Documenting your SQL Database with NDoc?

I just love the documentation that NDoc generates ( although I wrote the documentation myself, it just looks better ). But I was missing the SQL Databases and stored procedures that came with my solution. So I wrote this litte tool that generates a NDoc compatible XML and Assembly of your database! Adjust the dataconfiguration.config… Read More »

Putting it all together

Have been working on a project for one of our customers and pulled out some of the older magic. Older magic because everyone is already talking about VS2005 and such. Cool too, but back to my latest project. I finally got a chance to work with some of today’s cooler technologies: – Enterprise Library (june… Read More »

Test-Driven Development in Integration Projects

By Nigel Parker: A couple of excellent resources, that I am now using to help document integration architectures: Integration Patterns with BizTalk Server 2004 – Test-Driven Development in Integration Projects –