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WSE 2.0 and SMTP

From steve maine’s blog : ”I finished up my sample implementation of an SMTP transport for Wse2. Thanks to the power of WSE, you can now easily call Web Services via email 🙂 The code is attached to this message. Instead of writing up a full article on the implementation, I peppered the code extremely… Read More »


An arcticle at on Indigo by mister D Chappel. From that acticle: “Indigo requires developers to explicitly define which services an application exposes to the outside world. Rather than viewing everything as objects, an Indigo application draws a sharp line between what a particular class exposes to its object-oriented clients and what that class… Read More »

What the SOA is a message?

From the msdn site: Messaging Patterns in Service-Oriented Architecture, Part 1 Soumen ChatterjeeCap Gemini Ernst & Young April 2004 Summary: This first of a two-part series discusses how messaging patterns exist at different levels of abstraction in SOA. Rather than explicitly declaring how systems will interact through low-level protocols and object-oriented architectures, SOA provides an… Read More »

Some Clemens Talk

It is quite interresting to see that ever since the Service Oriented Architecture wave many developers are learning all over again. How to program in a Service Oriented world. How to name my methods, how to integrate these services. Just so you know, Clemens V from newtelligence, the guy from TechEd 2004, has the same… Read More »

.Net Framework 2.0 beta!

from neowin: The Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 beta redistributable package is ready for download at: