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SharePoint and Web.config modifications

Ever since MOSS 2007 we all know the Web.Config Modifications Manager within the SharePoint API. But today I stumbled upon this PowerShell commandlet: Add-WebConfiguration. This commandlet is from the IIS7(.5) powershell module WebAdministration. The short version is, you can use this in you deploy script to do Web.Config modifications Example for an AppSettings Configuration Key:” Add-WebConfiguration… Read More »

Provisioning Publishing Pages

On the interweb there seems to be some confusion on how to provision publishing resources through features. Here is what works for SharePoint 2010. First you wil need a Feature scoped for Site (SPSite), put your ContenType module here. And a Feature scoped for Web and add the other modules here! 1. Create a Page ContentType… Read More »

Writing your own Trusted Identity provider for SP2010 (1)

With the introduction of the Windows Identity Framework and SharePoint 2010 it is now possible to have multiple authentication providers on a Single URL on a SPWebApplication. Especialy in an Extranet scenario this is very usefull: Employees login with their AD Account Partners, suppliers, customers login through a (Custom) Trusted Identity Provider ( Like facebook,OpenID… Read More »

SharePoint 2010 Site recycle bin released

The SP2010 team released the Admin tool we have all be waiting for: The SharePoint Site Recycle Bin for SharePoint 2010 is available for download at http://governance.codeplex.com “The SharePoint Site Recycle Bin is a SharePoint Foundation 2010 solution package that when deployed to a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 server farm… Read More »

Custom SPJobDefinition and “Access denied” error

If you create a custom SPJobDefinition and use a Feature Event Receiver to deploy and install this (Timer) SPJobDefinition you receive an error when you call the Update() method: “Access Denied” How to code and install a SPJobDefinition Paul Kotlyar found this on the subject: “Upon detailed investigation of Microsoft.SharePoint.dll  I discovered that SharePoint guys added a… Read More »

Download a solution from your Farm (SP2100)

Wanted to download a solution from my farm. So did it with PowerShell: param([string]$folder) write-host “” write-host -f Green “Get Solutions from Farm – Stef van Hooijdonk – v1.0” write-host “” $snapin=”Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell” if (get-pssnapin $snapin -ea “silentlycontinue”) { write-host -f Green “PSsnapin $snapin is loaded” } else { if (get-pssnapin $snapin -registered -ea “silentlycontinue”) {… Read More »

Claims Based authentication and the Outlook social connector don’t work together

Following the updates on the Outlook social connector and the Facebook plugin for the Outlook social connector there is one little snag! When using a SharePoint 2010 Web Application for your portal/mysites with Claims Based authentication the Outlook social connector cannot connect to it! UPDATE: SP2010 CU1 fixes this! With Fiddler you will see that… Read More »

Usefull tools for Claims Based authentication and SharePoint 2010

If you want to create a your own Security Token Service that is compatible with SharePoint 2010 have a look here and download the Windows Identity Foundation (formaly known as Geneva)  SDK: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c148b2df-c7af-46bb-9162-2c9422208504&displaylang=en This will install 4 VS 2010 Project Templates on which you can base your Custom STS, I used the first one : Part of a… Read More »

Claims based authentication and SharePoint 2010 QFE

When using SharePoint 2010 with a Claims Based Authentication Web Application you will receive an issue in your Central Administration Healt analyser: “Web Applications using Claims authentication require an update” Just install this hotfix: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/KB979917 ( the first recorded SP2010 update? ) More info on the issue: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff686815.aspx

Claims Based authentication and the PublishingCache

If you are using Claims Based Authentication on your WebApplication then the Publishing Cache doesn’t work properly. Have a look into your Developer Dashboard to see what is going on: The warning and critical error are: 7362 – Warning Publishing Cache 7363 – Critical Publishing Cache Why is this? Because with Claims Based Authentication the Cache… Read More »

Doing Unit Testing with TFS2010 and SP2010

SharePoint 2010 has a wonderfull new developers experience with Visual Studio 2010 and great integration with Team Foundation Server 2010. We configured our TFS Build server to build our SP2010 solutions fairly easy. Just make sure the SP2010 dll’s you reference in your SP2010 projects are available on the TFS Build Server (in the GAC… Read More »